1. Coverage :

The Risks covered by this policy is that of loss or damage occasioned by fire, collision, overturning, derailment, breaking down of bridges or accidents of like nature whilst the subject matter assured (hereinafter called the property) is being conveyed by Motor Vehicle and/or train.

The risk commences with the loading of each package or unit into the motor vehicle(s) owned, used, operated or contracted by the assured within the territorial limits mentioned in the policy schedule and ceases immediately on the unloading of each package at destination of twenty-four hours after arrival of the Motor Vehicle at final destination whichever first occur.

2. Limits of Liability

The company (Wataniya) shall in no event be liable under this policy in respect of property on any vehicles for a greater proportion of any loss or damage than the limit applicable under this policy.

3. Exclusions

As provided in the insurance policy agreed upon by the insured and the company (Wataniya).

4. Property excluded

This policy does not insure any liability of the Assured arising from loss or damage to property consisting of :

  1. Accounts, Bills, jewelry, precious stones, currency, deeds, evidence of debts, money stones, securities, or the similar valuables.
  2. Ornaments, furs, watched, bullion, precious metals and stones, computers, explosives, livestock, tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, contraband and spirits, televisions sets, tape recorders.
  3. Frozen and/or perishable cargo of all kind.
  4. Owned or hired vehicles.
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