Motor Comprehensive Insurance

It is a type of Motor Insurance provides Insurance coverage in case Loss of or damage to any motor car described in the policy and accessories whilst thereon resulting from any accidental collision or overturning consequent upon mechanical breakdown or consequent upon wear and tear (but excluding accidental damage to tires unless such motor car is damaged at the same time.)


Benefits of Comprehensive Insurance

  1. Coverage of the Insured Vehicle(s)

In case Loss of or damage to any insured motor car and accessories, compensation done based on repair value or vehicle’s market value subject to Total loss.


  1. Liabilities to Third Parties**

In respect of:

a- Bodily injuries damages sustained by any third party whether inside or outside the vehicle.

b- Damage to property outside the vehicle.


maximum liability of the Company and damages shall not exceed a combined single limit of SAR10,000,000 (ten million Saudi Riyals)**

  1. Coverage of Emergency medical expenses

The Company will pay to the Insured the reasonable medical expenses incurred in connection with any bodily injury by violent accidental external as the direct and immediate result of an accident to such motor car provided that the liability of the Company in respect of any one accident shall not exceed the amount stated in the Schedule of the Policy.

  1. Natural disasters

Such as Floods, earthquakes, Typhoons, Lightning and hails; Excluding Sandstorms.

  1. Theft & Fire

by fire external explosion, self-ignition or lightning or burglary, housebreaking or theft or by malicious act. Compensation will be based on Policy terms & conditions.

  1. Protection and transport damaged vehicle to workshop

This policy covers the cost of protection and removal of any motor car to the nearest repairers in consequence of accident causing damage which is covered but not exceeding the amount stated in Insurance Policy Schedule.



Addition Options

  1. Agency Repair

The insured can repair the damaged vehicle in authorized Agency workshop for additional premium over the Insurance basic premium.

2.Personal accidents for driver and passengers

This includes bodily damage resulting from a direct accident involving the insured vehicle,

such as total or partial disability and death – God forbid -.

  1. Replacement car

The Comprehensive Insurance Policy enables you an alternative vehicle option when the vehicle is under repair, by paying a nominal premium and as agreed by the terms of the Insurance policy.

  1. Under aged driver extension (between 18 and 21 years)

According to the terms of the document agreed upon by the client and the company.


  1. Geographical Extension

You can extend the territorial limits of Comprehensive Insurance to include damage of the insured vehicle happened by an accident to include the following countries:


  • GCC countries including Bahrain
  • Jordan
  • Bahrain only
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