Fraud Policy Statement

Our Message

Wataniya is committed to applying the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in its business activities. Every employee and individual acting on the Company’s behalf is responsible for maintaining the Company’s reputation and conducting themselves with honesty and professionalism.

Our Approach

Wataniya’s management is committed to implementing and enforcing effective Anti-Fraud policies and procedures integrated with the Company’s operations to prevent, detect, and respond to fraudulent activities.

Wataniya has a zero-tolerance approach towards fraud, whether direct or indirect, and will take necessary disciplinary measures against those who commit, attempt to commit, or assist anyone committing fraud or any other improper activities that may damage or have an adverse impact on Wataniya.


We make sure that our Anti-Fraud Policy includes the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations from the Saudi Central Bank. We are placed to meet the expectations of the customers by ensuring our adherence to maintaining an effective control environment that continues to evolve and mature.

How To Report

Please, if you suspect any fraudulent activity, do not hesitate to report it through Wataniya’s website in the Amanah section.