Report Amanah

Report An Improper Conduct ``Amanah``

The types of improper conduct include, but not limited to the following:

Financial and administrative corruption, i.e. any illegal exploitation of financial resources or administrative ..

Violation of the rules, regulations, instructions and policies that must be followed in accordance with ..

Inappropriate behavior contrary to public order, Islamic manners, customs and traditions.

Violations related to the environment, health & safety in the area of work, which include any negative..

Misuse of the Company’s property or assets.

Abuse of power or decision may be against the interest of the Company.

Process of irregular operations circumventing regulations or covering-up systemic errors.

Where there is a conflict of interest with any business or contract.

Misuse of powers granted by the Company to its employees.

Obtain undeserved paid benefits or rewards.

Disclosure of confidential information in an irregular manner.

Concealment in bad faith or intentional negligence, destruction of official documents or cover-up of fraudulent..

Serious negligence that may result in damage to the Company.

Cover-up any of the above violations.

To Report Illegal Or Unethical Behavior, Please Contact The Following: